eCollect: Data Management for Conference Planning

eCollect is Documation's leading-edge solution to electronic file management and conference planning by providing an online collection point for the submission of author/speaker papers. What makes eCollect unique is that all the documents can be uploaded and managed from the convenience of any computer connected to the Web.
All this and it is FREE!!

This tool refines the process of author/speaker management and conference planning, which ultimately reduces your burden of managing a large number of electronic files.

American Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses(ASORN) appreciates Documation's eCollect tool. We have used it for the past two years to collect the handout materials from ASORN's Annual Meeting presenters, which Documation then used to create a CD-ROM for the attendees. Our Committee Chair uses the system to review the materials for appropriateness and to screen for conflict of interest before approving the materials to be used. Staff has found the set up process to be easy, presenters have found it to be user-friendly, and our Committee Chair has shared that she finds the system-slick. ASORN is very pleased to have the eCollect tool available to use!
Lisa Brown
Executive Director of ASORN