EZMag: Welcome to the world of electronic magazines!

Documation's on-line magazine software program, will allow you to provide an exact copy of your printed magazine in an electronic format to your members, customers and subscribers. This fabulous new tool is accessible through a linkable URL.

• Fast and easy access for your members, customers and subscribers
• An abundance of additional marketing opportunities
• Embedded, clickable links that take the reader directly to another site on the Internet

“Documation's ezMag technology is exactly what we need. It provides a vehicle to create excitement by announcing our magazines before they actually arrive in the mail and creates great added value for advertisers by linking out directly to their websites. Not only that, we can expand our distribution by diving deeper into organizations. A member that received one magazine can receive unlimited ezMags and provide this to multiple staff. The product looks elegant and is completely searchable by keywords. This is the future of publishing - a solid mix of digital with print.”
- David Siegel
Executive Vice President of Minnesota's Restaurant, Lodging and Resort & Campground Associations
St Paul, Minnesota